Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cheap Curls at the Mohawk

Tonight, the Mohawk's inside stage is going to be pumping out some fast and dirty indie-rock courtesy of those fine folks over at Art Fag Recordings. Former Dum Dum Girl and current member of Cheap Curls, Katie, recently released her Jackie Oh EP and in celebration the Mohawk is throwing a party. Cheap Curls is a band that will be sure to catch national buzz and they're based right here in Austin so attending tonight's show supports your local music scene while earning you made hipster-points on a national scale. You can't legitimately say you were there when Cheap Curls played the inside stage at the Mohawk unless you attend tonight's show.

Tonight's show is in celebration of the release of the Cheap Curls EP but the full line-up is excellent. Foreign Mothers have been catching a lot of local buzz for their solid songwriting and fun live shows. They describe their sound as, "If Gang of Four were stoners." It's an apt description.

Check out the full line-up on the poster below: