Monday, October 1, 2012

Menomena and PVT at the Parish

Whenever a good touring act is booked at the Parish an angel gets its wings. I'm not privy to all of the politics of booking a show in Austin but I get the feeling that touring bands only get booked there if they specifically request it. With that all said, I'm thinking Menomena specifically requested they play The Parish on their trip through Austin. Their latest record Moms has been out for a month and it continues in the same logical progression from where we last left Menomena. It's a Wednesday night show so dirty 6th won't be in full-on frat-dog mode and you won't have to pay for a parking meter until midnight. Factor in one of the Pacific-Northwest's best touring bands in the best sounding room in the city and you're looking at a great way to spend a Wednesday night. Tickets are only $16, which could be considered a bit steep but I had the chance to see Menomena at SXSW and they are truly phenomenal performers so you should really consider prying open your wallet for this show.

Menomena - Pique video via YouTube

Playing the opening slot for Menomena Wednesday night at the Parish will be PVT. They used to be signed to Warp Records but they have jumped to a more indie, indie label for their next album, which isn't due out until next year. I had the pleasure of listening to half of the upcoming album and I think this is a really good pairing for Menomena. It's musically adventurous, driving, music that will make you want to move. I wouldn't call it dance music but it isn't, sit in a dark room with headphones on music either. Listen to the first single from the upcoming album and decide for yourself:

PVT - Shiver video via YouTube