Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Washed Out and Memoryhouse at the Mohawk

Recently, one of my co-workers asked me what I thought about Washed Out and my response was that they are the best live band of all of the "chill-wave" bands. Generally, I like most all of the bands who have been dubbed "chill-wave" and I have seen many-most of them throughout my years here in Austin and last fall's performance by Washed Out at the Mohawk definitely stood out. In the live setting, Washed Out sounds much less warbly and self-conscious compared to their recorded sound. The band is driving, energetic and just bad-ass in an over-arching way. Ernest's vocals are usually kind of buried on the Washed Out records but in person you can hear his voice much more clearly and it sounds good! Unfortunately, if you don't already have tickets to tomorrow night's show at the Mohawk then you won't know the joys of seeing Washed Out live because it's already sold-out. Sorry to be a buzz-kill y'all but this is why you really need to pay attention to those handy little planning ahead ticket-roundup posts I write.

Washed Out - Amor Fati video via YouTube

I'm just as excited about tomorrow night's support act as I am about Washed Out. I have been a fan of Memoryhouse since I first heard last year's cinematic EP, The Years. However, that EP only hinted at the full sound that is evident in their full-length, The Slideshow Effect. The vocals are much more pronounced and frequent, the music is more propulsive but still balances the elements of ambient music that made the EP so great. In other words, for the love of Oprah, make sure you get to the Mohawk early enough to bob along to the sweet sounds of Memoryhouse tomorrow night. In the meantime, read my interview with the band from last year.

Memoryhouse - The Kids Were Wrong video via YouTube