Thursday, May 3, 2012

Planning Ahead: Another Ticket Link Roundup Post

Well folks it's a new month, which means it's time to get prepared for all of the awesome upcoming shows in and around Austin. As usual, this list is not comprehensive, it is simply intended to be a highlighter. I do not, necessarily, endorse all of the shows I will link to some of them I have included for you more than for me. If the show appears with a strike-through then unfortunately it is already sold-out, if the artist's name is simply bold without a link that means there is no ticket page (yet). All you have to do to buy tickets is to click the name of the artist, the ticket purchase page will open in a new window and you can take it from there.

Let's start with tonight shall we? Austin's-own Strange Boys are back in town and they'll be tearing up the Mohawk's outside stage. I don't think all of the band is based here anymore but we will still claim them as our own, just like we do with Spoon and all of the other bands who may or may not actually live in Austin anymore. Their latest release Live Music really sort of floated under my radar but it has some really great tunes. It's not a live album and in fact the title is with a short "i" sound as in live and let live. Tickets are still available and since the show was announced not too long ago you may even be able to just pay at the door.

Strange Boys - Doueh video via YouTube

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