Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spiritualized at Emo's Tonight

Back in 1997 when Radiohead were touring in support of OK Computer they chose Spiritualized to be their support act. Spiritualized had just released their, now classic album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space. It was filled with songs that mixed elements of shoegaze with elements of American gospel. Even today, 15 years after that album's release the tracks still sound fresh, innovative and like nothing else that has even been released. So, now it's 2012 and Spiritualized have released their 7th record, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. In interviews, Spirtualized's Jason Pierce has said that the recording and production of the lastest record was largely influenced by the performances of Ladies and Gentlemen... in full at 2007's All Tomorrow's Parties Festival. In many ways the record is a return to form, with sounds that move more toward pop than anything the band has released in the past. Obviously, when a band's first single is over 8 minutes they still haven't full embraced the pop aesthetic so if you are a fan of the musical meditations of Spiritualized's previous releases don't worry.

Spiritualized - Hey Jane video via YouTube

Tonight, you have the rare opportunity to see Spiritualized perform live at Emo's. The band doesn't play U.S. shows very often so even if you just consider yourself a casual fan it's worth the cost of the ticket to head over to E. Riverside tonight. Also, for those of you who collect vinyl bring a little extra cash because chances are you'll be able to grab the latest LP at the merch booth a week before you can buy it in stores. From what I've seen online the packaging is beautiful and the album is pressed on white vinyl.