Friday, May 4, 2012

Active Child at the Mohawk

Photo Credit: Ricky Chapman

Active Child is the musical expressions of a tall ginger named Pat. He has a high tenor voice and he sang in a boy's choir in Philadelphia as a child. His Dad moved the family out to L.A. where he worked for the record label that released the first N.W.A. record. The first time I heard Active Child was at FunFunFun Fest 2011. I missed most of their set but caught the last song and a half. I was completely mesmerized by the mix of electronic textures and that other worldly high voice coming out of that giant of a man. I listened to the album a few times on Spotify then out of nowhere I found myself listening obsessively. First it was just the song, Playing House over and over, then it was the first 3-4 songs, then I couldn't stop singing Way Too Fast. Next thing you know, I"m at End of an Ear and Waterloo Records digging through their vinyl bins on a mission to own You Are All I See on vinyl. It took several trips and much inquiry but now I have the album on vinyl and I listen to it whenever I have a lot of writing to get done. It is a musical mediation, with themes of love and loss, obsession and pain and I can't get enough of it. You can find out what all the fuss is about at the Mohawk tonight for a mere $10, or $12 if you want to risk it and just pay at the door.

Active Child - Hanging On video via YouTube

Balam Acab and Superhumanoids are playing the support slots starting at 9pm. Expect Active Child to take to the stage around 11pm, it's Friday night so the sound curfew goes a little later.