Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Minus the Bear Play La Zona Tonight

Good news! Tonight's Minus the Bear show at La Zona Rosa is not sold-out yet. That means, you can still get yourself some tickets and help the band celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I'm not gonna front and pretend $22 isn't a lot of money for a ticket but I think we all know that La Zona Rosa is inherently pricey and this is the day of the show, which means tickets are more expensive than they were initially. In any case, as someone who has seen Minus the Bear perform at La Zona Rosa before I can assure you that you will experience an extremely high-energy show filled with all of your favorite songs. Their website says that in honor of their 10 year anniversary they are even playing Highly Refined Pirates in its entirety but I'm not sure if that's at every stop on the tour so don't be disappointed if that is not the case tonight. If you have to work tomorrow and you're thinking you need to get sleep, fret not, La Zona shows are always over before midnight. In fact, you can probably expect Minus the Bear to take the stage between 10:00 and 10:30 tonight.

Minus the Bear - Hold Me Down video via YouTube

If you arrive early enough to La Zona tonight, and I encourage you to, you will catch The Lonely Forest. These guys have a radio ready sound and they are signed to an imprint of a major label. This could be a great opportunity to see a band on their rise to the top. It could also be a great opportunity to see a band before the major label system rapes and pillages them. Either way you look at it, their songs are pure hooky pop-rock and their looks are swoon-worthy so get to the venue within 30 minutes of the doors opening to see how they are live.

The Lonely Forest - We Sing in Time video via YouTube