Thursday, October 27, 2011

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Girls

Wow y'all, there are only 8 effing days until FunFunFun Fest. That means I only have 7 more candies in my Fun Fest advent calendar, which is good because I'm seriously putting on the pounds. Yesterday I featured an artist playing on Saturday and today, I'm doing the same. At first I thought I would plan these out more methodically but then I realized, that's not my style and I want to do a feature on Girls.

When Girls put out their first album, Album I was completely smitten. Their songwriting is beautiful and their production sounds classic. They have taken the 70's AM radio aesthetic and brought it into the 21st Century. Most of the songs have women's names and the band itself is composed of homeless looking, vagabond bi-sexuals. What's not to love, right? With each successive release Girls have honed their craft, the Broken Dreams Club EP was the perfect hold-over between full-length records. They'll be playing Fun Fest in support of their latest LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, it features more songs about relationships, neuroses and even features a song called Vomit. They are one of the hardest bands to Google, which I generally abhor but their music is so beautiful and perfect that I completely forgive them.

Girls - Honey Bunny video via YouTube

At Fun Fest, you'll find Girls on the Orange stage Saturday afternoon. They are part of that dream line-up I mentioned yesterday. With so many amazing artists playing back to back, I expect Auditorium Shores is just going to be covered in hipster orgasm Saturday night. Yeah, you read that right and when you're knee-deep in it in 9 days, remember where you heard it first. I would be remiss to not scold those of you who don't have your tickets yet. I know procrastination is a lifestyle decision but your mother worries about you.

Girls - Morning Light video via YouTube