Friday, October 28, 2011

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Cloud Nothings

If you're a regular reader of this site, then you know how much I adore indie-pop, which is why I want to draw your attention to, Cleveland-based artists, Cloud Nothings. The band is basically one handsome fellow who started making music at his parent's house using non-professional recording gear. The songs were tightly structured, bad-ass indie-pop and due to the shitty recording style Cloud Nothings have been lumped into the lo-fi category, which technically, is true. Once the songs started to gain buzz online that one dude, Dylan Baldi formed a band to play his songs. They have only been performing for a little more than a year but there have already been several singles and EPs released on various baby-labels. If you find physical media from Cloud Nothings it's probably rare so you should buy it. Some of these singles and EPs have been compiled and can be purchased as Turning On. There is also an eponymous album floating around in digital format that you might find at your local record shop as well. If you're a fan of Real Estate or some of the better songs from Wavves then you will definitely enjoy Cloud Nothings.

Cloud Nothings - Should Have video via YouTube

If you want to see Cloud Nothings at FunFunFun Fest, then meet me at the Orange stage by 2:20pm on the Friday of the festival. Of course, you'll have to have a ticket to get in but presumable since there are only 7 days until the festival, you already that taken care of. Hey cool kids, I'll see you at Auditorium Shore!!

Cloud Nothings - Hey Cool Kid video via YouTube

By the way, if you listened to the songs I posted here and you're thinking this probably isn't for you, don't be fooled. The thing about these lo-fi bands that's sort of ingenious is, with such shitty sounding recordings when you hear them play live it sounds amazing. I hated Wavves' recordings, then I saw them play at SXSW and I was incredibly impressed. The same is true of Cloud Nothings, the live performance will truly showcase the songwriting and musicianship that is, somewhat, masked by the "lo-fi" recordings.