Friday, August 26, 2011

Handsome Furs at the 'Hawk

As I've mentioned in the past, there are roughly 500 bands affiliated with Canadian indie-rockers, Wolf Parade. Handsome Furs is one such band. The Furs, is Wolf Parader, Dan Boeckner and his wife as a 2-piece electronic outfit. When I'm not touring with my other bands, I like to hit the road with my significant other and some Casios, so I can totally identify with Handsome Furs. Their latest album Sound Kapital is a thing of fun and beauty, I look forward to hearing them performed on the Mohawk's outside stage tonight. If you want to get down with the Handsome Furs and I tonight, you best snag yourself some tickets. Sure, tickets are available now but if you wait until 10 o'clock tonight and try to pay at the door the other hipsters will just laugh at you because the show will be sold-out by then bro.

Handsome Furs - What About Us (Censored Version) video via YouTube

You can download some free MP3's from Handsome Furs over at the official SubPop site if you wish. I really wanted to "deep-link" some but I won't.

I have to go back to this touring with your significant other point for a moment and let you know that Handsome Furs actually shot an episode of a web-series for CNN called Indie Asia in which they share their experiences touring Asia as an indie-rock group. If you have not seen it before it's definitely worth watching. It's about a year old at this point but I only recently found out it exists and I had fun checking it out.

Handsome Furs - Rapatriated video via YouTube

Also, I wanted to mention that if you can't make it out to the Mohawk tonight you can catch a free performance from Handsome Furs at Waterloo Records at 5pm. I noticed that Waterloo actually streamed a recent performance from their shop, so if you're reading this from afar, move closer. So, feel free to skip out of work early and check out some Canadians in a record shop, I like to do that even if they aren't a performing band. #Hosers