Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dntel at Emo's TONIGHT!

Remember in the early aughts how in love you were with The Postal Service album, then by the mid-aughts you were kind of over it but still wished they would release another album? Well, kids guess what? That's not going to happen but the good news is the half of The Postal Service responsible for the cool beats and most of the production is still making music without that whine-ass Ben Gibbard. Dntel was making cool music BEFORE The Postal Service and after as well. The latest release is titled, After Parties it's a pair of EPs, which you can grab separately or as a combo. If you're a fan of electronic compositions that aren't endlessly generic house-music then tonight's show at Emo's is for you. You can still buy will-call tickets or you can roll the dice on the chance of paying $10 at the door. To be honest, I really don't have a gage for whether or not this show will sell-out. Personally, I love Dntel and I feel like a lot of other people would too but you may not realize it until you are at the show.

Dntel - video via YouTube

You can keep the party going before and after Dntel's set, by dancing your ass a couple of doors down to Barbarella where our friends with The Glitoris are hosting their wildly successful, weekly Tuezgayz event. I know it's only Tuesday night but I figure, if you're going to be downtown for a show, you might as well get sloppy and stay out until 2am right?

Dntel - Rock My Boat video via YouTube