Thursday, August 25, 2011

Equals EP Release Party at Emo's

Austin is really turning out some great instrumental rock bands lately. Last Friday The Calm Blue Sea played a fantastic show at Emo's and tonight it's Equals. The band is celebrating the release of their latest EP, which you can download two tracks from, for free at their bandcamp page (linked back there). You can also check one of them out on Soundcloud if that's your preferred method of song preview. Their songs are melodic, with lyrical guitar inter-play, tight percussion and bursts of fury. This should be a great show for your Thursday night. If you're interested in checking this out tonight, you can still grab yourself some tickets for the, bargain price, of $5.

Equals - False Light video via YouTube

Sharing this Thursday night bill with Equals are three other local bands of note. If you arrive by 9:30 you can catch Sleep Good, Tactics, as well as, Wild Child. These may not be names you're familiar with yet but these are all quality, area bands who deserve your attention and you'll be hearing a lot more about them in the future. Just a little side-note from a blogger's point of view. I really wish all of these bands had names that were easier to google. Here I am trying to blog about bands I want to support and it's nearly impossibly to find good info about them. So, if you're forming a band please come up with a name that's easy to search. All you have to do is spell one of the words a little differently. That's all it take.

Sleep Good - Schlitterbahn video via YouTube