Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Albums For the Summer

As you know, I don't generally do album reviews and this post is no exception. This is just a quick little note because there are FOUR albums that hit stores today that really excited me. I think all of them are really fantastic summer music. Also, all of these artists either recently played Austin or will be playing Austin within the next few days.

The first album I want to mention is one I've been looking forward to since SXSW, it's the full-length LP from Cults. Talk about summery and fun, this album is it. It's run-time is just over 30 minutes and when it reaches that final groove in the record you're going to think wish there was another side. I was going to link you to a place where you can buy the debut but I don't want to specifically endorse a vendor. I'd rather encourage you to go to your nearest, locally-owned record shop and ask the clerk. By the way, the Cults' album is self-titled.

Cults - Abducted video via YouTube

Like the Cults LP, the debut from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is an indie-sounding record that is actual released by a major label. I kind of wonder why bands still do this, I don't know a whole hell of a lot about record contracts but I do know that you usually have to give back all of the money the label spends on you upfront. In otherwords, if people don't buy the debut from Cults they'll be paying for that very expensive-looking video above the break for a very long time. Personally, I hope people buy all of the music I'm mentioning in this post but I'm not diluted enough to believe that to be true. In any case, I resisted Dale Jr Jr because there was so much buzz around them and I really hate their name. However, when I noticed a band I really love, Generationals was touring with them I checked out their album and went to the show and I highly approve. The live experience has a lot of gimmicks, most of which I found unnecessary but I also realize that's a great way to get an audience to pay attention and/or remember you. Their LP, out today, is called, It's a Corporate World, which I'm sure they are learning through their deal with Warner Brothers music. It looks like iTunes had the album on June 3rd but today is the first, official, day you can buy it at your local shop.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Nothing But Our Love video via YouTube

While you're out at the record shop, be sure to pick-up In Light from, Louisiana-based band, Givers. Their afro-beat, indie sound is so shiny, warm and fun you'll have it on loop in the car all summer or at least the month of June. They were one of my favorite discoveries of SXSW this year, I actually saw them perform twice and I look forward to their show tomorrow night (look for my next post). Unlike the previous two artists I've mentioned, Givers are on an actual indie-label, Glassnote, which might explain why they haven't made an uber-pricey video for any of their songs yet. There are lots of live videos on YouTube but I'm going to post this one so you can get a sense of their studio sound.

Givers - Up, Up, Up video via YouTube

The last, but not least, new release I want to mention comes from The Rosebuds. They'll be in town next week and their LP is probably the least shimmery and fun of all of the releases I've mentioned so far but it is incredibly lush, beautiful and personal. You have to have something to listen to in the car at night too right? The story behind the making of this album involves a married couple becoming divorced and continuing to be bandmates. Kind of like Fleetwood Mac's Rumours with WAAAYY less cocaine and infidelity. The Rosebuds newest album is called Loud Planes Fly Low, and I really think you should pick it up today.

The Rosebuds - Go Ahead video via YouTube