Monday, June 6, 2011

The Antlers Play Emo's

I know it's a Tuesday night, and you probably have to work Wednesday morning but, if you can, you should pick-up some tickets to see The Antlers tomorrow night. They play Emo's outside stage tomorrow in support of their, fantastic, newest release Burst Apart. They premiered the LP live at The Parish for NPR during SXSW and I expect to see it on lots of best of lists this year. It's only, officially, been out a month but I can assure you it's definitely a step forward for the band, the songwriting, which was already tight, is even tighter. The metaphors are more delicious and the guitar work is more focused than ever. The guys from The Antlers have been touring with, Austin-band, Explosions in the Sky so you can bet their chops are finely-honed for this visit to Emo's tomorrow night. I couldn't manage to hunt down any official videos from Burst Apart so here's a fake one so you can get a sense for the album's sound:

The Antlers - I Don't Want Love video via YouTube

The beautiful, layered, haunting Little Scream will be starting things off at Emo's tomorrow night. Little Scream is actually a solo artist signed to Secretly Canadian but she, generally, has a band backing her up. Her songs are layered, emotional and will leave you wanting more. I'm not, precisely, sure on set times for tomorrow night but I would guess that Little Scream will start at 10, possibly 9:30 and The Antlers will begin around 11pm. That's what I'm hoping anyway because I'll be working until at least 9pm and I really want to see both artists.

Little Scream - Red Hunting Jacket video via YouTube