Thursday, June 9, 2011

Givers review + Interview

If you weren't at Givers' sold-out show at Antone's last night, you dun fucked up son. It felt like when I saw Local Natives at Antone's after their successful SXSW 2010 run. The crowd was energetic, appreciative and involved. When Givers jumped up and down on stage, the crowd jumped up and down. From the opening notes of the opening song the crowd was cheering and clapping in time. The band seemed humbled by the crowds visceral reaction to their every move. They took time at several points to look out at the mass of people and genuinely thank them.

In my preview of last night's show I wrote that the next time you see Givers in Austin it will be a sold-out show in a large venue and/or a festival and/or a sold-out festival and after the blazing performance last night, I stand by those words. Before all of that though, I chatted with members of Givers, briefly, about what there lives were like and might be like without the music.

Givers - Interview video via YouTube

I don't like to, specifically, endorse any record retailer online or otherwise but Mr. S. pointed out to me that you can order Givers LP, In Light on vinyl for $10.99 via Amazon. I'm not sure if the price will be that low at your local record shop but chances are it will be inexpensive there as well. In Light came out earlier this week and I can already tell you it's going to be quite the summer album. So, you should pick it up digitally, physically, or both.