Friday, April 29, 2011

Ume To Release PHANTOMS

So much has happened in the lives of, Bloggy-favs, Ume since I last saw them perform. The most obvious thing is the women now out-number the men with a new female drummer taking over on the skins. Also, you may have heard some three-dimensional music publication called Rolling Stone had a contest in which 16 unsigned bands were featured as potential cover models for the magazine. Ume didn't win, but Austin didn't care. To Austin Ume are already rock-stars and last time I checked people didn't buy magazines anyway. Flash forward to RIGHT NOW. Ume are finalizing work on their, much anticipated, full-length LP entitled, Phantoms. The album has a planned release for this summer with Modern Outsider records. The band has been playing new tunes for years and this will be the public's first opportunity to have those tunes committed to studio-quality recordings. I, for one, am very excited. I'm also hoping Ume decides to keep the name I gave to this song, which at the time was untitled.

Ume - Austin Bloggy Limits video via YouTube

If this post is your first time reading about Ume be sure to check out their Sunshowers EP. It's been out for a blog-decade but the songs are still fantastic. The following video features a song from the Sunshowers EP and has Ume's former drummer in it but I wanted to include it in this post because I really like the series that it's from. The idea is to show current Austin bands playing at the sites of former Austin clubs. It's called Dell Lounge: Dead Venues and it's, well, dead but they did some cool stuff while it was an active series. Ume was featured in the first episode:

Dell Lounge: Dead Venues - Episode 1: Club Foot video via YouTube

Here's the performance on its own without the talky, talky:

Ume - The Conductor video via YouTube