Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not To Be Missed Thursday

Hey y'all (read in Paul Deen voice), there are a few essential happenings tomorrow night that I wanted you to be aware of in case you feel like getting off the sofa. They are varied in nature and location so you'll have plenty of choices if you can drag yourself away from 30 Rock. The first event I want to mention features gratis booze so you'll want to head over to the event page A.S.A.P. and R.S.V.P. so you can get your drink on. This event is sponsored by some of our favorite Austin groups/companies, including, the always effervescent Glitoris who will be bumping some tunes whilst people tour and explore Austin's Paramount and State theaters. The above events link will give you all the down and dirty about prizes, contests and the like.

Meanwhile over on Red River, our Knuckle Rumbler friends are hosting Alabama's-own Yelawolf at the Mohawk. You may recall that I had a brief chat with Yelawolf during SXSW this year in which we discussed the state of the global economy, financial derivatives and other important matters. If you want to get down with some Alabama trunk-music tomorrow night you better snag yourself a ticket, word on the virtual-street is they're almost gone!

Yelawolf - In This Club video via YouTube

A few blocks away from Yelawolf two of my favorite Austin bands will be tearing up Emo's inside stage for a mere $5. That's right Markov are, once again, joining forces with Zlam Dunk to melt your collective faces. Wait, there's more. Not only do you get Markov and Zlam Dunk for your $5 bill, you can also catch Say Say Say, Paper Mache and Equals. All in all a fantastic bill of local artists with lots of promise.

Markov - Jaws of Life video via YouTube

Or if you INSIST on seeing some touring indie-rock bands you could hit Emo's outside stage for Black Lips and Vivian Girls. That promises to be one of the messiest looking and sounding 1-2 punches of indie-rock you'll ever experience. I DARE you to be drunker than those bands before they start performing. Actually, don't attempt that, their livers are seasoned since they, pretty much, get paid in booze. Tickets are still available for that show if you're interested. I've seen both artists perform in the past and the shows were fun but I feel like Vivian Girls have an, almost, entirely different line-up from when I last saw them?

Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say video via YouTube

So, that's what I've got for you tomorrow night. I wouldn't judge if you decided to sofa-surf instead but you DO have options if you want to leave the house.