Friday, April 29, 2011

Other Lives with The Decemberists

I know, I know once again I'm featuring a sold-out concert but I really want y'all to check out this band, Other Lives. They're opening for The Decemberists tomorrow night at Stubb's and I REALLY like their new album. Tamer Animals is the name of the new Other Lives LP and you can buy it next week on iTunes or on May 10th in real life. I was sent a review copy and I've been listening to it all week. To me, the album is delicate, layered wintery music that sounds moody and textured. The production nods to both The Beatles and the Beach-Boys at points but it doesn't sound referential or trite either. I'm sure that the album will be compared to Fleet Foxes, possibly Bon Iver or any other modern artist taking old sounds and refreshing them. The fact that Other Lives and Radiohead are signed to the same label should speak volumes about the future of this, Oklahoma-based, band. Not to mention the fact that they've toured in support of The National and now The Decemberists. These guys are NOT messing around y'all!

You can check out a song from Tamer Animals for free. It's called For 12 and it's the third (of 11) song on the upcoming album. THe below video is UNOFFICIAL but I really love this track and wanted y'all to hear it.

Other Lives - Dust Bowl III video via YouTube

The Decemberists are touring in support of their newest, and most successful, album, The King is Dead. They've always been wordy, clever and historically referencing but this album sees the band reaching a wider audience than ever before. Those of us who have been fans all along can attest to the fact that The Decemberists have not compromised their sound or dumbed-down their lyrics in the least it has just taken the general populace almost a decade to catch on. The band's Austin stop is the last one before they hit New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival so I'm hoping they really mix up the set list to crowd-test what works best in anticipation of a shorter set time in NoLa. Only time will tell though.

The Decemberists - This Is Why We Fight video via YouTube