Wednesday, April 13, 2011

British Sea Power in Land-Locked Austin

We get British Sea Power tonight and you don't! That's right, turn on your enviousness people outside of Austin for, the always wonderful, British Sea Power take to the Mohawk's outside stage tonight. The latest LP from British Sea Power is called Valhalla Dancehall and was released in January. Expect lots of songs from the new album but don't worry, this is a band that knows what you want to hear so I'm sure you'll get to hear all of your past favorites as well. The latest LP, is their fourth studio full-length and hasn't really made a big splash here in the U.S. yet. Personally I feel like there are a lot of jams on there including many songs that would be perfect for television/film licensing. Hopefully the current U.S. tour will help the album gain more buzz and attention. If you want to be a part of the British Sea Power experience at Mohawk tonight, I suggest you get yourself a muthaphuckin ticket before they're straight-up gone!

British Sea Power - Baby video via YouTube

Taking the stage before British Sea Power tonight will be A Classic Education. Their music is dreamy, reverb-soaked vocals with glass guitar sounds. It kind of reminds me of a shoe-gazy, English band that listened to a lot of Pavement and Pixies records. I don't know if any of that is actually true, it's merely conjecture but if that description doesn't have you hooked perhaps this video will do the trick.

A Classic Education - Gone To Sea video via YouTube

With Colourmusic starting things off tonight, I'd arrive early. All three bands playing tonight are worth checking out. Colourmusic is one of those bands that is hard to define, so you see their music described as "experimental." I'd say it's a visceral experience and they'll definitely get your blood pumping early. Doors open at 7:30, so you can expect Colourmusic to start blowing your mind around 8:00.

Colourmusic - You For Leaving Me video via YouTube