Monday, October 25, 2010

Videos from the Weekend

As you probably read on this very site, Saturday night had a lot of great shows. I was one of very few people who was on west 4th street for the Los Campesinos! show. I feel like that show wasn't promoted very well because there should have been WAAAYY more people there. However, I guess you have to factor in that there were lots of other good shows and La Zona Rosa is away from the Red River scene. For me, that's a very good reason to attend shows there but I understand other people's reluctance. In any case one of my favorite local bands, the Authors started things off. I feel like they fill a void in Austin's music scene. Their sound is reminiscent of Remy Zero, which is not a bad thing in my books. The song below is from their latest LP Get Haunted, you should probably buy it.

the Authors - Get Haunted video via YouTube

After the Authors was bratty UK alt-pop-punk rockers Johnny Foreigner. I had not heard their music before but they really blew me away. It was full of propulsive energy and a very youthful, bratty spirit. After their set I told the band that anyone who tours with a projector and a keytar is ok in my book. The song I captured is actually unreleased and was inspired by the band's last trip to the U.S.A.

Johnny Foreigner - Security to the Promenade video via YouTube

Finally, Los Campesinos! had the crowd pogo-ing, fist-pumping, and generally singing/shouting along to every song. This band really knows how whip a crowd into a frenzy and they do it all with a violinist, whoduhthunk?

Los Campesinos! - Straight In at 101 video via YouTube