Friday, June 4, 2010

Voxtrot's Farewell to Austin

Voxtrot bid Austin adieu last night to a comfortably packed crowd at Emo's outside area. You could definitely feel the love in the crowd from the opening notes to the closing notes. Everything Voxtrot did had people clapping, pogoing and generally participating in a way, which is, sadly, rare in this city. It certainly wasn't a sad, boo-hoo, farewell to Voxtrot. The evening had the vibe of a quirky 5yr class reunion for kids who were, previously, home-schooled. Like a Wes Anderson movie crossed with a John Hughes movie starring me and a bunch of other hipsters who hate hipsters. I looked around and everyone was dancing like Molly Ringwald looking totally blissed-out and nostalgic. Even the group of too-young sorrority girls knew every word to every song and sang along like we didn't pay to hear the band. All in all, a good time was had by all but don't mourn Voxtrot they left us with some amazing music to keep exploring.

Voxtrot - Whiskey & Water video via YouTube

On the official Voxtrot website there is a note that reflects where this break-up came from. It's drawn-out, articulate and beautiful (of course) but this section really stood out to me today after seeing the final show. I think it perfectly captures the energy of the experience.

I've come to realize that there really isn't any cause for disappointment. The fact is, the songs still exist, and the music of Voxtrot lives on as a sovereign entity which, outside of all criticism, positive or negative, belongs to the guys and me, and to everybody who ever loved it or believed. Taking into account every person I've met, every place I have visited, every emotional exchange I have ever had with a listener, there is absolutely no room for regret.

I actually opened this post with the second to last song from Voxtrot's set for short-attention span purposes and I'm closing the post with the second song they performed from their set. If this post is your first introduction to Voxtrot the EP, Raised By Wolves would certainly be a good jumping off point. Or, if like me, you've been a fan for quite some time this has that nostalgic appeal already and it's only 5yrs old. Thanks for the tunes Voxtrot.

Voxtrot - Raised by Wolves video via YouTube