Monday, May 31, 2010

Bassnectar Follow-Up w/Vid

I feel like the word epic has lost its meaning at this point but that is the word I heard the most when I asked people what they thought of Bassnectar at Stubb's Saturday night. To be honest, it's pretty fitting. I've seen Bassnectar three times now and each show has had an amazing end-of-the-world energy. People dance like they may never dance again and it's largely an involuntary response to the mean, driving, bass sounds that assault you throughout the show. Even if you want to be a wallflower the bass will make your clothes dance on your body. I literally sweat my earplugs out, which has never happened to me before but it was just that kind of crazy.

Now, y'all know I like to try and record two complete songs when I go to shows so I have a little visual document for myself and for you too. However, Bassnectar at Stubb's isn't really ideal for that sort of thing. The bass was clipping the sound and losing all the high end and the hardcore dancing creates lots of crowd jostling. I did manage to shoot one song in it's entirety but it's sort of a cool-down song so it's not going to seem as intense as the picture I've painted so far. In fact, the video has only been up 1 day and already someone has bitched about me choosing this particular song. Whatever, it's better than their video from the show, 'cause they ain't got one. Also, he's remixing Jonsi'!?!?! Of Sigur Ros fame!!! Enigma remixing Sigur Rós?!?!?!?!

Bassnectar remixes Jonsi' Bassnectar remixes Enigma's remix of Sigur Rós' - Sæglópur video via YouTube

I posted a couple of clips from the Bassnectar show on the Bloggy F*c*book page too. There's even a minute long clip of a Sleigh Bells remix. You know I love me some Sleigh Bells. He also said it was his first time playing that for an audience, that's what's up.

Well y'all, I wanted to post another video but alas I have no more for you. Shortest post ever.