Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mumford, Sons, Middle East, La Zona

Damn, y'all I haven't been checking ShowListAustin.com or Do512 very much lately, for the same reason I haven't been looking for bills in my mailbox. Now, I'm really regretting I didn't try to work some schmoozy, bloggy magic to get into the Mumford & Sons show at La Zona Rosa tomorrow night. At this point, it's too late to "get on the list" but I might go pretend like I'm already on the list and see how far that gets me. Not only am I a fan of Mumford etc. but I effing adore The Middle East. They have this song called Lonely on their EP that kills me (in a good way). It's over 7 minutes of beautiful, passionate, somber transcendence. Not to over-sell it. You might remember they were one of my bands to watch during this past SXSW. In any case, tickets don't seem to be available online but you MAY be able to get them at a local retailer, or at the door. If not, you can always hang out at Backstage Bar and pretend like you were at the show, there's no shame in that. Well, maybe a little bit of shame.

Speaking of shame, it's kind of lame of me to not post an original song in this headlining spot, but I effing love cover songs. So...

Mumford & Sons - Cousins video via YouTube

I keep hearing people say how much they love the sound of the banjo and it seems to be infiltrating hipster-culture and I fully approve. It's just logical that as we get more and more tech-savvy our music will go back to the hills. I predict the next Panda Bear album will feature lots of jug and banjo. You heard it here first people.

Mumford & Sons - The Cave video via YouTube

Like many of you, I don't always make it to the show in time to catch the opening act, but if you are going to La Zona tomorrow night, make sure you catch the Middle East and try to think about me and what I might be thinking about while you are listening but picture me listening too, with a Lonestar that you bought me. Thanks.

the Middle East - Lonely video via YouTube

If any of you are reading this and thinking about how you'd like to invite me to join you on your dime, thanks. It'd be my pleasure to join you on your dime. May I offer you some gratis earplugs? Otherwise if you're reading this and can't invite me along or simply don't want to go to the show. Thanks. I like you just for reading what I wrote. I feel like we should really hang out more IRL. Call me.