Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Peen Is The Scene

Dearly beloved, we will gather at Barbarella tomorrow to join many men and many women in sweaty, dance-floor shakin ', bliss. That's right it's a Sunday night dance party in honor of the one, the only, Jenn Peen of the Peen Scene a lady never reveals her age but let's just say it's a milestone and all of Austin's bloggeratti will be in attendance. Lucky for you, you're people who know people so you're invited to get down with some loud-ass music, low-priced drinks and it will be your time to rub elbows with all of us cool bloggy, scenester-types. Make sure you bring your dancin' shoes 'cause Jenn likes to get down on that dance-floor and no one likes a wallflower. Things kick off at 10pm at Barbarella tomorrow night. If you would like to RSVP, which I recommend, you may do so at the Facebook event page and/or you can check out the listing on Do512. Here's a little taste of what you may or may not hear at Barbarella tomorrow night.

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill video via YouTube

If you've ever rolled with the Peen Scene before then you already know there's also going to be a sanctioned after-party for the post 2am crowd, 'cause that's just how we get down in the Austin blogosphere. Bloggy has to work at 5:30am Monday so I may wake up early for work and hit the after-party before I go in. We'll see how that plan comes into fruition. I may be that drunk dude at work on Memorial day...or at least one of those drunk dudes at work. Info for the after-party happs can be found on both Facebook and Do512 but chances are when you're all sweaty and drunk at Barbarella around 2am you'll notice a mass exodus heading Southeast to the former Music Gym.

I neglected to mention that these are hip-hop themed parties so you actually may not hear Sleigh Bells you're more likely to hear some raunchy, dirty-south hip-hop jamz. Get trill y'all!

Clipse featuring Pharrell - Mr. Me Too video via YouTube

Alright maybe that Clipse track wasn't the perfect example of a sweaty, hip-hop banger but you get the idea.