Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tonight, Tomorrow, and the Next Night ight ight ight

Live at Beerland in Austin, TX weighing in at...ok I think that's far enough. Are you going to any of the 3-night mini-fest that is the CD Release party for Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010? I'm thinking I might go tonight. Beerland is a good place to be on a rainy night, it's quite cozy really and the outside area is covered with lots of good people watching. Downside to the outside area? People trying to get your attention/change/cell-phone usage/etc from the sidewalk region. Back to the show, as I mentioned it's a CD release party, the CD is a compilation via Matador Records if you're a blog-geek you already know all about it. If you're not a blog geek, the pertinent information is this: A)Casual Victim Pile is an anagram for Live Music Capitol. B)The compilation has 19 tracks, 17 of which feature Austin artists. C)It's a nod to a similarly-themed compilation of New York bands, which Matador previously released.

Here's something from tonight's headlining band to give you a taste. The full info is below the break and from what I can tell it's going to cost $5 at the door.

Follow That Bird! - Where They Rest video via YouTube

So, this whole affair will be going on for 3 days but be aware that Beerland is small and Matador is popular so bar service will be slow and standing space will be valuable. Get there early to stake your claim and/or drop a big tip early so the bartender remembers you later.

Here's the way they've chunked the bands together for the different nights:


Follow That Bird!
Dikes Of Holland
Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers
The Distant Seconds
The Persimmons

the Persimmons - Love at Seven/I Can Only Love You Once a Week video via YouTube

In case you're wondering the above video is your standard house-party in Austin, TX. Take that, places that are satisfied with an iPod DJ house-party!


Woven Bones
The Young
Wild America
Flesh Lights
The No No No Hopes

Woven Bones - Your Sorcery video via YouTube

Listening to Woven Bones always makes me feel like I'm in a Bret Easton Ellis novel, vampires in the valley and all that dark, L.A. stuff.


The Golden Boys
Bad Sports
Love Collector
The Stuffies
Lost Controls

Harlem - Scare You video via YouTube

Wow! What a great video of Harlem who shot that anyway?