Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sondre Lerche, Parish, Tomorrow

Last Friday was my first time checking out the new and improved Parish room and I approve of the changes. You can put my seal on it. I was already a fan of the Parish for its sound and the intimacy of the venue but they fixed the biggest problem with the venue, that stupid bar thing that used to be in the middle of the floor. Fear not, dear reader, you may now roam freely(ish) in the Parish room. They have also opened or re-vamped a bar close to the bathroom, which is always a plus in my book. The decor is a little trying too hard but it certainly doesn't detract from the venue it's just a little pseudo-swanky. If you haven't checked out the changes they've made you might want to catch Sondre Lerche at the Parish tomorrow night. I mean, seriously, the dude came all the way from Norway to sing and play for you and you're just going to hang out at home and re-watch Lost on your DVR?

Sondre Lerche - If Only video via YouTube

That song, If Only comes from Sondre's Hearbeat Radio album, which snuck out in September without me even noticing it. Hey, how's that happen? In any case, you should pick it up at the show that's what the cool kids do. JBM will be taking the opening slot at the Parish Wednesday night. Don't be fooled by the name though, it's just one dude. So put on your sensitive guy sweater, Buddy Holly glasses and take your best fag-hag down to the Parish and join me in some pleasant indie-boy oggling.

JBM - Cleo's Song video via YouTube

In my opinion tickets for the show are a bit steep at $15-$17 but like I mentioned before, the dude did come all the way from freakin' Norway to play for us. Also, since there are only two acts and the doors open at 8p, I'd expect the whole thing to be over in time for Conan Nightline.