Thursday, February 11, 2010

Golden Boys, TV Torso, Aoki, Yaks

This is a pretty last minute post about the Golden Boys show at Trailer Space Records tonight but I wanted to mention it. It's inside, so no need to worry about the rain. It starts at 7 and ends at 10 or earlier so if you have other plans or need to wake up early you can still do those things. Also, it's free so you can still buy yourself and that special someone something nice. You can also purchase anything you see whilst in the Trailer Space but don't get too decadent I mean you are at a free show, you're probably not Donald Trump or anything. Last week Golden Boys had the crowd packed tight into Beerland for a $5 cover, this week we rock out with them fo' free. Their Myspace page classifies, Golden Boys as "Rock / Psychedelic / Country". The Austin Chronicle called them "...real Texas punk rock". I'm going to up the ante and call their sound "Bloggy-Approved".

*This is the area where I would normally embed a video for you to hear the above mentioned band. Alas, I could find nary a video of the Golden Boys. They may be out there but you try searching that phrase. Instead, I shall put a video for an artist mentioned BELOW the break. Whoa!*

TV Torso - Live at the Scoot Inn video via YouTube

I need to hear more from TV Torso I'm always whining about how I want a record player because a lot of local artists release their music on vinyl first and/or exclusively. Well, last week while I was perusing the selection at End of an Ear I decided to look through the bin full of 10" vinyl and what did I find? TWO, different, 10" offerings from TV Torso and at least one, but I believe both, offered Mp3 download code w/$5 purchase. So, don't give up if you don't have a record player. Buy the record anyway, it may have an Mp3 or CD with purchase and then you'll already have a collection going.

In any case, TV Torso will be playing at Beerland tonight as part of the WOXY residency series. Or something to do with WOXY maybe not the residency I feel like that's something else. Generally these things cost $5, a nominal fee. I feel like having WOXY around is very good for Beerland. It's a great little rock club, very intimate setting for seeing a band. It's certainly not fancy or anything but they've booked some really good shows of late. Not to mention they managed to get Surfer Blood almost secretly back in the fall, take that Transmission! Just kidding, luv u Trannysmission let's play dice sometime.

Surfer Blood - Swim video via YouTube

I had to randomly put that Surfer Blood video in there to get my normal flow back. Steve Aoki is in town tonight as well. If shakin' your ass off with some dranks is how you get down on a Thirsday night then you should definitely get yourself over to Republic Live on West 5th. I know, it can be weird that far away from Red River but fear not, dear reader, you'll be dancing through crowds bumping into hipsters trying not to spill your martini Lone Star in no time.

Steve Aoki - I'm in the House video via YouTube

Lastly but not leastly as far as I knowstly, we've got hipster-delegates from Brooklyn in town. They go by the name of Wild Yaks you may have caught them at previous SXSW? If not, your chance is tonight, over at the ole' Scoot Inn. I'm thinking it's going to be on the inside stage. What do you think?

Wild Yaks - River May Come video via YouTube