Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls, Smith Westerns, Videos

I saw, the much blogged about, Girls at the new and improved Parish last night. I thought they put on a totally solid performance, with hooky, jangly tunes that wear their influences on their sleeves. Apparently, lead Girl, Christopher Owens' mother was in the audience last night. He said she hadn't heard him sing or play guitar since he was 16, which was a long time ago I suppose. Have you heard his whole back-story about the religious cult and all? It's pretty interesting, scope the wiki for the full, possibly verified story. In any case I did have the trusty Flipcam in my pocket so I did steal their souls during a few songs, just for you dear reader.

Girls - Darling video via YouTube

Girls - Ghost Mouth video via YouTube

What? Did you think I didn't shoot them performing any of their "singles"? Well I did...

Girls - Lust For Life video via YouTube

Chicago band, the Smith Westerns were the opening band, with Magic Kids playing the middle set. I'm going to try to not judge, Magic Kids too harshly because I haven't heard their songs on record yet. However, I will give you one word to describe my feelings throughout points in their set last night and that word is, "cringe". Check my twitter feed if you want some more specific feedback. Also, I wasn't standing in a good spot during the Magic Kids set so I don't have any video of their performance.

Smith Westerns - Gimme Some Time video via YouTube

As you can see, I was in a good spot for the Smith Westerns set last night and I was quite impressed. I have their self-titled album and it's a grower, not a shower. It took me a few weeks before I began to enjoy it but I was already a fan before seeing them last night. On record they sound really bratty and the mix of the album is very treble-enhanced so to actually hear the vocals and not have everything sound tin-ny was quite pleasant. It's like the band Wavves if you've only heard the records you probably don't get the hype but when you see them live you can actually hear the songs.

Smith Westerns - My Heart video via YouTube

While I'm on the subject of good mixing versus bad mixing of albums, have you heard the latest from Yeasayer yet?!?! It sounds SOOO effing good, especially compared to their last album, which sounded very far away and didn't do their songs justice whatsoever. Kudos to bands who work with great ears, maybe if y'all performed with earplugs you'd recognize when your albums are mixed like shhh. <---This comment is aimed at no specific band.

This is where I would have embedded the newest Yeasayer video if their label allowed FREE PROMO!!! WTF labels, live in the now.