Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So Much Thursday Action

It should come as no surprise by now, that Thursday night is packed with good shows. I feel like every week I have to choose between several cool acts playing simultaneously across the city. The first thing I want to mention, since I haven't said anything all week, is that Jonathan Richman is playing his fourth, and final, night in Austin at the Continental Club. From what I've gathered Mr. Richman isn't viewed with the same status here in Austin as he is in New England. Back in Boston he's the shhhh. I also want to give a promotional shout-out to my bloggy-brethren over at Ultra 8201 who will be celebrating their bloggiversary over at Ghost Room. That show will feature three top-notch local bands: the Authors, Politics, with New Roman Times in the headlining slot.

New Roman Times - VCR video via YouTube

I'm always a fan of shows at the Parish Room, so I think my Thursday night will be spent there with the Fiery Furnaces. FF is one of those bands who I didn't like when I first heard them but eventually found myself humming their tunes and now it's full on love. I'm interested to see if their live performance will live up to the sounds of the albums. Their reputation precedes them in the live show category so I don't expect to be disappointed.

Fiery Furnaces - Even In the Rain video via YouTube

I also don't want to forget my homies in Quiet Company who seem to have a regular gig at Stubb's inside stage. They'll be sharing a bill with Whitman and Buttercup. I caught the latter at Jen Leduc's Beauty Bar birthday bash Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed their set. I'd call it power-pop with a dash of indie, not really jangly enough to be truly indie in my eyes though.

Whitman - The Wanting video via YouTube

Isn't that a lot of choices for a Thursday night? Keep impressing me Austin and I'll keep blogging 'bout it.

Jonathan Richman - Roadrunner video via YouTube

M.I.A. - Bamboo Banga video via YouTube