Monday, November 2, 2009

Surfer Blood at Beerland

Those in the know, know that Surfer Blood made big waves at CMJ Fest last month. Get it, waves? Anywho, they'll be rolling through Austin, playing Beerland on Wednesday night. Something tells me if you can't make it, they'll probably be back next month anyway. That's usually the cycle here in Austin, the buzziest bands seem to roll through every month playing progressively bigger venues, so catch 'em next month at Red 7, then maybe Emo's. Probably by the time March rolls around and SXSW is in town they'll be showcasing at Stubb's or something. To be honest, I haven't even heard their songs yet, I'm just going with the typically "Pitchfork Band" career trajectory. Oh, and I used my Delorean to check out SXSW 2010 the Fader Fort is ridic in 2010!

Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes video via YouTube

So, what do we think? I'm thinking the name Surfer Blood was quite fitting. It maybe, wasn't as upbeat as I thought but I suppose that's the Blood part of their name. It's a little gothy, shoe-gazy, garage-surf-esque-ish. They don't have any "official" videos yet, like I said these guys are on the verge y'all. We're like the only people in Austin who know about them so far, just you and me kid. Aren't we cool? Oh, and if you do show up at Beerland for Surfer Blood and you want to buy them some shots to show your adoration, make sure you know who's 21 and who's not. These fellows are youngins y'all!

Surfer Blood - Christian Pagan video via YouTube

Aww, that last one was pretty...unless you really pay attention to the lyrics, which were kind of dark. The band's debut album comes out in January and their bio says they hail from West Palm Beach, Fla but we won't hold that against them. It is surprising though, if you've ever spent time in Florida then you know what a cultural vacuum that place is. Good for you Surfer Blood way to make hooky, jangly, indie-pop whilst surrounding by shallow and/or elderly people.

Cowabunga Babes will also be playing Beerland with Surfer Blood Wednesday night. I haven't seen them perform yet, but they had a show at Beauty Bar the other night and word on the street is they effing killed it!

Cowabunga Babes - Babysitter video via YouTube