Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Build-Up

I feel like if you are someone who is serious about Halloween then Austin is a great city for you. We don't even need Halloween to dress up in Austin, so that's why the entire week leading up to the holiday you may or may not encounter say a zombie at your local diner. That's also why there are so many bad-ass shows going on this week. That's my theory anyway. The downside to all of this hullabaloween is you either have to invest in multiple costumes, interchangeable costume pieces, repeat costuming or party-poopery. I generally lean toward the party poopery, just bring Chex Mix, a box of wine and say you're a soccer mom. Who could turn you away with Chex Mix AND boxed wine? No one you'd want to hang with, that's who.

Islands is back in Austin this time at the Mohawk, that's happening tonight. At the same time Mr. Warren G will be regulating things over at Emo's outside stage with the Kidz in the Hall in tow. But the real pre-Halloween madness starts tomorrow with the Cherry Peel, Flip Scene Halloween bash at the Mohawk.

the Bright Light Social Hour - Back and Forth video via YouTube

That's right you can catch the little darlings of the Sound and the Jury contest, the Bright Light Social Hour at Wednesday night's Halloween bash at Mohawk. Well, actually I'm not entirely sure if they WON per say but they were in the competition and oh hell either you liked the song or you didn't geez. Oh, you can also catch the Black and White Years, L.A.X. and others at the 'Hawk. All the details can be consumed here. But, if you're already sold on this idea and want to attend tickets are $12 at the door, or you can check a Front Gate ticket retailer. Their site doesn't have tickets for sale though, might be door only at this point.

L.A.X. - Dire Fire video via YouTube

There's also a bad-ass show for charity happening Wednesday night at Emo's, which might seem like a problem BUT shows at Emo's run pretty late and shows at the Mohawk end "early" so you could probably catch both shows. Also, you don't really want to miss Sea Wolf or Port O'Brien. Both bands, along with Ben Kweller and Sara Lov, will be playing to benefit the Pablove Foundation. Tickets for Emo's Wednesday benefit show will set you back a cool $10.

Port O'Brien - My Will Is Good video via YouTube

I'm a big fan of Port O'Brien and have been for quite some time but My Will Is Good is certainly not their catchiest tune to date. I think that honor still belongs to I Woke Up Today.

Port O'Brien - I Woke Up Today video via YouTube

Also, if you think you won't be able to miss the Flip Scene Halloween Bash at Mohawk but you still want to see Sea Wolf there is still hope for you, dear reader. Sea Wolf are playing a free in-store set at Waterloo Records "promptly" at 5pm.

Sea Wolf - Winter Windows video via YouTube