Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bloggy's Whiskeytown Beerland Bonanza

So I saw Surfer Blood at Beerland last night and I can pretty much guarantee you didn't. I would say there were maybe 40-50 people, possibly fewer I'm a bad guessturbator, and y'all missed out as far as I'm concerned. At this point the guys only have about 10 songs so their whole set was only about 40 minutes but it was 40 minutes of indie-pop bliss. Think Weezer meets Vampire Weekend but not really all that precious or twee. The T-Shirts they were selling at the show reference Joy Division, which I don't see as being coincidental either. They certainly didn't remind me of Joy Division very often but there are those key guitar tones, which definitely point to their influence.

Speaking of the merch booth, I was psyched to see they were selling their full length LP, Astrocoast, which isn't due to hit stores until January. I bought a copy from the lead singer who told me this was Surfer Blood's first visit to Austin but they plan to "Take over SXSW" in March. Last night's show was day 4 of 45 that the band will be on the road so be sure to check their page linked above to catch 'em in your part of the U.S. of A (holes).

There aren't official videos out yet, at least not to my knowledge, but I want y'all to hear a song or two that I didn't post already. So, apologies for the pseudo-video but I want you to hear studio quality-ish.

Surfer Blood - Swim video via YouTube

I didn't catch all four bands who played Beerland last night but I did see the Cowabunga Babes. Their set was really fun and even inspired a few hipsters to break out in some nifty sock-hop dancing. To me they sounded like a messier, updated version of the B-52's and I like me some B-52's. However, I feel like they either need to tighten up or go more overboard with the sloppiness. Either be slick and polished or be the drunkest house-party band ever that's your call Cowabunga Babes but in the meantime keep rocking 'cause that was a fun-ass set! Just for the record though, I think Harlem are the current Austin crown-holders for drunkest house-party band and that's a good thing here.

[This is where I would put another Cowabunga Babes video but I already posted the one that they have at the moment and it doesn't feature the full band.]

I suppose I should explain this post's title a bit before I sign off here. I'm not much of a drinker but when I go to a show at a bar I will buy a drink of two. I'm also very frugal, shall we say, so I have been buying Lone Star when I go downtown. Well, recently I discovered that if I don't call my liquor I can get a tall Whiskey and Coke for roughly the same price as a damn Lone Star. At Beerland a tall Whiskey and Coke was $4 and a tall PBR was $3, you do the math! But stay away from the meth!

Here's one more from Surfer Blood, then I will leave them alone until SXSW.

Surfer Blood - Fast Jabroni video via YouTube

Oh, and in case you hadn't heard the hype yet/thought I was pulling this band out of thin air...

Nylon.Tv - Best New Bands: CMJ Pt. 1 video via YouTube