Sunday, August 9, 2009

Festivals and Festivals and Conjecture

I was following along with the happenings at Lollapalooza this past weekend, via Twitter, and it got me thinking about ACL Festival. The first thing I wanted to look at is what are going to be the tough decisions? In other words, two Bloggy-approved acts performing simultaneously and/or inter-lapping time-slots on separate stages. I'll get to all of that fun-ness after the jump. The other two concerns I have at the moment, with the festival still three months away, are what will the after-shows be this year? Also, who will take-over the headlining slot now that the Beastie Boys won't be in attendance?

I feel like to fill-in the Beastie's slot could be pretty tough but at the same time I'm sure the festival audience will be satisfied with any big name. Personally, I haven't heard any rumors or rumblings regarding a replacement act. I remember a few years back when Muse filled in for the White Stripes in their absence. That was definitely a good swap in my humble opinion. Usually, we could look to other festivals for clues. Perhaps, Austin will have an evening with Phish but somehow I find that unlikely. A Tribe Called Quest could keep the classic-rap vibe going but I don't know if that would excite as many people as the Beastie Boys. Who do you think will fill in the giant gap/Friday headlining spot?

Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump video via YouTube

I feel like for the VS. portion of this discussion I should wait until the festival gets closer but I'll still give you a preview. On the first day of ACL you'll have to decide on Phoenix VS. Daniel Johnston. Oh, the problems we have to deal with at festivals, I could just cry.

For now I want to just devote this post to conjecture. As I have mentioned several times in the past, I prefer to check out the whole after-show scene at the clubs/bars downtown rather than hoofing it in the heat with the masses. Call me a snob if you must, I'm ok with it. Last year I had a great time at all of the after-events although I will tell you I spent almost as much on tickets for all of those shows as I would have for festival passes. I'd say my favorite event from last year was catching Jamie Lidell at the Parish room. That was a pretty bad-ass show.

This year my after-show predictions are based on the idea that there are usually three venues hosting after-shows on Fri, Sat, and Sun nights and maybe one or two hosting pre-show shows on Thu night.

For the pre-show position there aren't a lot of acts that stand out to me there. Last year David Byrne played a pre-show at the Paramount. So, I'm thinking maybe Andrew Bird, he played the Paramount last time he was in town and he is a KGSR/Adult-Alternative friendly artist. He's also playing a close-to headlining slot Friday night of the fest.

Andrew Bird - Measuring Cups video via YouTube

For my Friday night ACL after-show conjecture, I'm really hoping to catch Phoenix at the Parish but that's VERY wishful thinking. Chances are, even if there is a Phoenix after-show La Zona Rosa is a more likely venue but that's fine with me as well. I also, sort of hope/expect there to be a Thievery Corporation after-show, probably at Emo's. I'm also gonna tag Bassnectar and the Walkmen for possible after-shows Friday.

Phoenix - Listzomania video via YouTube. We love you John Hughes, your films and inspiration will live-on forever.

You are keeping in mind, that I'm making all of this up just using educated guess-work right? For Saturday night, there are lots of possibilities this tends to be the night with the most/best after-shows. It's the middle of the fest, people are still hyped and not totally exhausted...yet. So, the first artist I'm going to tag for a Sat night ACL after-show is, the Decemberists they love to play Austin and almost every time they have a show here, they have three shows here. They could pretty much play anywhere but I'd like to see them at Club Deville. I also feel like a ...Trail of Dead after-show is to be expected. At first I was thinking Ghostland but they're headlining a stage Sat night so I expect that will be their only show. Other than that I'm thinking !!! is a pretty likely possibility as well as Devotchka. But, I'd be really psyched if Deer Tick and/or Grizzly Bear did a Sat night after-show.

Deer Tick - Easy video via YouTube. Sorry 'bout the fake vid but this is what I could find.

For Sunday night that's usually a night that only has a couple of after-shows but they are power-house shows. Last year I saw M.Ward, Jenny Lewis, and Conor Oberst on a shared bill Sunday night. So for this year's Sunday night I'm going to tag, the Dead Weather, Arctic Monkeys, Passion Pit, Girl Talk and maybe Clutch.

PS22 Chorus - Seaweed Song (Passion Pit song) video via YouTube

So, that's my festival conjecture for now. Put your predictions in the comments we'll see who is best at predicting the future.

Beastie Boys - Jimmy James video via YouTube