Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talib Kweli @ Emo's Tomorrow

I don't tend to talk about hip-hop very much and there are several reasons for that. First of all, I don't really know enough hip-hop culture to speak about it intelligently. The other major reason is, in my humble opinion, hip-hop live is pretty annoying. There are too many directives, put your hands up and all that business. If I want to put my hands up, you'll see 'em, if I'm really feeling a song and feel like clapping along I will. But constantly telling me what to do from stage is not cool. Also, I feel like 98% of the time emcees don't know how to properly use a microphone. Here's a tip, it goes in FRONT of your lips, not inside your mouth.

Talib Kweli featuring Mos Def & Jay-Z - Get By (Remix) video via YouTube

With that all said, I DID want to mention that Talib Kweli is coming back to Emo's outside stage tomorrow night. I caught Talib's last show at Emo's where he performed in the lead-in spot for the incredible, nasty, Nas. If you want to go to the show tomorrow, tickets are still available. At least for now they are.

At Talib's last Emo's performance he was plagued with audio troubles, his mic cut out several times leaving the crowd a bit limp. I know what you're saying, "But the sound at Emo's outside is impeccable! I can't believe they would ever have audio issues there?!!?" But it's true. For the record, Talib was really good at that performance but Nas completely blew him out of the water.

Nas - N.Y. State of Mind video via YouTube

I'm not sure what Talib is promoting, if anything, but it would be nice if he was promoting a new Black Star album...but he's not. I think he just really enjoys touring, maybe? In any case, with or without Mos Def Talib is one of my favorite emcees, even if he has drifted closer and closer to pop music with each album.

Black Star - Definition video via YouTube

Damn, this post is full of backhanded compliments riiiiight?

By the way sorry about the bunk video but Talib's words, music and lyrics are the intellectual property of Universal Music Group and UMG hates blogs that promote their artists. So, they won't let anyone embed their precious videos instead I suppose they expect you to BUY them from iTunes. I've always wondered who the hell buys music videos from iTunes? Seriously what's the purpose in that? You can watch them free on YouTube and if it's the shite quality that concerns you, there's Vimeo or countless others. Get with the times UMG! H8 U.