Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dirty Projectors at Red 7?

I've got to give props to the folks over at Transmission Entertainment they've certainly managed to hold their own in this city full of C3 Presents venues and events. I must say though, I am somewhat disappointed that Transmission booked the Dirty Projectors. Why is that, you may ask? Mostly it's just because I'd much rather see Dirty Projectors at the Parish room than at Red 7. When I saw that DP was coming back to Austin I was ridiculously excited, then I saw they were playing at Red 7 and I wept openly. Not really, but come on a punk/metal venue? The sound system there has GOT to be fried as bad or worse than the sound system at Emo's.

Basically, instead of hearing intricate harmonies matched up with African bass lines we'll hear a muddy soup of low-end sounds with some faint whispering. Maybe I'm just being fatalistic but I hope this message reached transmission and they consider either making sure the sound at Red 7 is tweeked to suite a band that isn't pure noise or maybe have them play a different venue. Like, gee, I don't know how about the damn Radio Room? I really love Transmission I'm just more of a bitch on Sundays you know?

Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is the Move video via YouTube

Free Mp3 courtesy of, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Dirty Projectors - Rise Above

Did y'all even know Dirty Projectors were playing here next month? I just found out last night, it's not even on the band's MySpace yet. I almost didn't want to tell y'all yet, but I just bought my ticket before I started writing this, so it's safe to divulge to the public.

Dirty Projectors - Remade Horizon video via YouTube

I'm thinking the whole Red 7 thing is mainly because Transmission had already booked, the legendary, Tortoise at the Mohawk so when they booked Dirty Projectors they just stuck 'em in their next best venue. Actually they're calling the DP show a "Tortoise after-show", which is somewhat insulting.

I don't know why I'm freaking out about this. The first time I saw DP was at Emo's inside and I think anyone can attest to the shittiness of that sound system. Do you see how Austin City Limits TV has turned me into such a sound snob?!? But seriously I can't be the only one in this city who is sick of bad sound mixing. I want to hear the bass lines as seperate notes, is that too much to ask? I want to understand the lyrics/be able to hear the vocals in the mix. Who has to get an HJ for these things to happen?

Dirty Projectors - Rise Above video via YouTube

Alright, alright Sunday rant is officially over. Did y'all have a good weekend? Did you see St. Vincent, Sunset Rubdown, Harlem, the Meat Puppets? All of the above? Or did you chill out with Netflix/your DVR and smoke herb instead of leaving the house?

Oh, and for the record, it's REALLY hard to find videos for Dirty Projectors they don't seem to have any "official" music videos. I smell a fan video project in the works...hopefully.