Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lil' Dinos & Markov @ Red 7

Have y'all seen this video from local band, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth? It's pretty hillarious, and I'm not totally certain but I don't think I hear any acoustic guitars, brushes on drums OR accordian in this tune. In case you can't tell it's a visual reference to Nirvana's legendary Unplugged performance. These guys have been playing around Austin for quite sometime and have established a name for themselves here. They'll be doing a west coast tour in August but you can catch em at Red 7 tonight.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity video via YouTube

There are several other bands on tonight's bill but I mostly want to highlight When Dionsaurs Ruled the Earth and up-and-coming hard rocker's/metal-punks Markov these guys just got a nod in the Chronicle as a band to watch. To be honest they are a lot heavier than the sort of music I USUALLY get into. But sometimes you just need a truly visceral, loud music experience ya know?

Markov - Divine Credit video via YouTube

The band that is actually headlining Red 7 tonight is called Double Dagger and to be honest I know nothing about them really so this video is my first exposure to their music as it probably is yours as well.

Double Dagger - Luxury Condos video via YouTube

So it looks like tonight's show at Red 7 is going to be a seriously METAL experience. So rock your asses off but DEFINITELY bring some earplugs. For real y'all protect your senses 'cause these venues downtown don't mind making your ears bleed. Especially at a metal show, where you know all the amps are going to be set to 11 (ala Spinal Tap)

And if metal's not your thing, there's hip-hop next door at Emo's with Talib Kweli, as I mentioned yesterday.

I must say, I don't know who does the posters for Markov but they are pretty effing sweet. I wonder if there are physical copies or just virtual flyers? Check it out...