Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Austin City Limits Fest '09

Yesterday the official line-up for Austin City Limits Festival '09 was announced. You can see the complete list, at least complete thus-far here. Chances are by the time the schedule is released there will be lots of additions. They usually don't mention too many of the local bands on the big poster.

To be honest, I'm not super-excited about the big headlining acts but I'm not a big headlining-act kind of person. One of the reasons I love living in Austin is all of the intimate venues we have scattered throughout the city. That's why I'm excited about the after-shows at the clubs. They haven't announced those yet, and they usually don't until some point in the summer but I have a few guesses/hopes for such shows...

Phoenix - Lisztomania video via YouTube

See more after-show guesses/ACL highlight after the jump...

The fact that Phoenix doesn't have any other Austin dates on their schedule, other than ACL, is a pretty good sign that they'll have an after-show. That and the fact that by October rolls around their album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix will have hit the streets hard by that point. It's not due out until May 26th but that record leaked awhile back and it's pretty flippin' amazing. Eight of the nine tracks could be singles, and they already played SNL.

My next hope/guess for an after-show would have to be the Dead Weather. It's Jack White's new band and he plays drums in this one. He played ACL last year with the Raconteurs but they didn't play an after-show so maybe this is a bad guess. We'll see...

the Dead Weather - Hang You From the Heavens video via YouTube

I must say, however, that I prefer the pop sensibilities that Brendan Benson brings to the table with the Raconteurs. It really softens Jack White's raw, blues thing.

Brendan Benson - Cold Hands (Warm Heart) video via YouTube

Oh man, as I look over the ACL line-up there are a few names that jump out as possibilities like the Decemberists, Dan Auerbach, Thievery Corporation, Soundtribe Sector 9, but nothing really screams out as being a sure bet. I hope Bon Iver does an after-show and if Girl Talk or Bassnectar do one I am SO there. I have already seen both Girl Talk and Bassnectar but DAAAYOMN those were some bad-ass sets of music.

Bon Iver - re:Stacks video via YouTube

It's going to be pretty abrupt if I jump from Bon Iver to Girl Talk so I'll ease you in with some Grizzly Bear remixed by Girl Talk. Grizzly Bear will also be at ACL-fest and played an after-show a few years back. I have my tickets to see them at the Parish Room in June so I'm seeing 'em no matter what.

Grizzly Bear - Knife (Girl Talk Rejuxtapositioning) video via YouTube

Bassnectar's set at the Playboy Party was ear-bleadingly loud but it was also kick ass. This one song doesn't really give you the full experience but the sound on all the live videos was total shit.

Bassnectar - Bomb the Blocks 10" Mix video via YouTube

It would also be kind of nice if Dr. Dog did an after-show. They have played in Austin about half a dozen times in the last few years. Many more times than that if you consider each of their seperate SXSW shows but somehow I have yet to see them. They even played at End of an Ear and I missed it, but I really like those guys. I feel like I mix them up with Blitzen Trapper sometimes, which is unfair but hey it happens. Yes, I have posted this video fairly recently but come on it's a great song.

Dr. Dog - Hang On video via YouTube

Incidentally, Blitzen Trapper is ALSO playing ACL so prepare to mix them up yourselves. Also, I've posted this video as well but get off my back already geez.

Blitzen Trapper - Furr video via YouTube

The last vid I'm going to re-post is one of my favorite songs from way back whenever it came out. It's from DevotchKa, who will also be at this years ACL and are also a good guess for an after-show.

DevotchKa - Transliterator video via YouTube

Dang it I couldn't resist putting one more Grizzly Bear song since the other one was a remix.

Grizzly Bear - On a Neck, On a Spit video via YouTube