Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soulive Get Fonkay at Antones Tonight

Soulive - Tuesday Night's Club video via YouTube

I'm surprised I didn't notice this before, but I was over at Do512 looking through all the shows and happy hours I can't afford to go to tonight and I noticed that Soulive is in town tonight. I know some of you my judge me, call me a hippie etc. but Soulive are a kick-ass band. I have never seen them in concert but I've def listened to a lot of their shows over at the archive and it's usually a pretty transcendent experience...that's like kind of pregnant isn't it? Anyway, tickets will set you back about $25 but the show is at Antone's, which means intimate setting, excellent sound and easily accessible merch and bar.

You can stream/download, comment about, a Soulive show from La Zona Rosa here. Free Mp3 courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Free Mp3 ---> Soulive - Crosstown Traffic

Crazy! I just noticed my friend Nigel Hall is on the same label as Soulive! Nigel if you're reading this congratulations but I still want my copy of the Breakfast Club you borrowed. What's up with that?

Nigel Hall - In Love Again video via YouTube

That video reminded me how horns are SO much more popular in New England than they are here in Austin. In Austin most of the bands I see have 3 members, in New England it was more like 6 or 7. No wonder the bands from my cold, New England childhood never tour too far from home, costs too much money for 6-8 dudes in a van to travel around the country.

This was my go-to band in High School, I probably saw these guys play 15 times or more between 1996-2002(?) but chances are unless you're from New England you have never heard of them. They have a new album that they probably won't tour behind but you can get it on iTunes, which is one step closer I guess.

Rustic Overtones - Combustible video via YouTube

That song didn't really feature the love of the brass instruments though, so one more from Rustic. These are probably their most classic jams. They're live versions so they're big, long files from a May 2002 performance, which I attended (duh). Oh yeah, and it's also courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Free Mp3 ---> Rustic Overtones - Dig (10MB file)

Free Mp3 ---> Rustic Overtones - Simple Song (8.39 MB file)

Free Mp3 ---> Rustic Overtones - Feast or Famine (8.89 MB file)