Friday, March 13, 2009

Psych Fest and Such

With SXSW underway already and the music part of the festival less than a week away it's easy to forget there is still a TON of other stuff going on between today and Wednesday. So much so, in fact, that I have pretty much given up on the idea of telling you about all the cool shhh you could do. I'll tell you about some stuff, don't worry, but you're pretty much on your own to comb through ShowListAustin and Do512 when next week rolls around.

Free Mp3 courtesy of Transmission Entertainment, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> the Black Angels - Empire

ANYWAY, back to Psych Fest...

Tickets for Psych Fest are still available, but only at the disregard that link :-). I didn't go last year but I know this year has a lot of the same "Psychedelic(Drony)" artists. So you should probably be on drugs if you truly want to have a good time. Sorry Straight-Edge kids, but seriously what are you doing at Psych Fest anyway?

Just for the record I'm totally lifting the listing for this fest directly from ShowListAustin, hence the Blockquoting/alt format.

Psych Fest 2 with The Black Angels (11:30pm), The Golden Dawn (performing their Power Plant album, 10:45pm), Lower Heaven (9:45pm), Woven Bones (9pm) at Radio Room (508 E. 6th St.)


Psych Fest 2 with Sky Sunlight Saxon of The Seeds (backed by Shapes have Fangs, 12:15am), Dead Meadow (11pm), The Wooden Shjips (10pm), Golden Animals (9pm), Indian Jewelry (8pm), Daughters of the Sun (7pm), Shapes Have Fangs (6pm), The Shine Brothers (5pm), Astronaut Suit (4pm), The Tunnels (3pm), Smoke and Feathers (2pm), PJ and the Bear (1pm) at Radio Room (508 E. 6th St.)

Sun(But that's the Lord's Day?):

Psych Fest 2 with A Place to Bury Strangers (11:30pm), The Warlocks (10pm), The Strange Boys (9pm), Asteroid #4 (Philadelphia, 8pm), Forever Changes (Austin, 7pm), The Vandelles (NYC, 6pm), The Upsidedown (Portland, OR, 5pm), Miranda Lee Richards (LA, 4pm), Christian Bland & The Revelators (Austin, 3pm)m, Cavedweller (Austin, 2pm), Cartright (Austin, 1pm) at Radio Room (508 E. 6th St.)