Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Levi's/Fader Fort RSVP Is Up

So I'm not really sure how the whole Fader Fort thing is going to work at SXSW '09. Rumor has it American Apparel has already booked the venue that was used as the Fader Fort the last couple of years. So not only is this RSVP without a line-up, it's without a venue. That is why you MUST RSVP NOW!! Get on that list soon, because they may end up getting an awesome line-up at a tiny venue. To be honest I really have no clue where this party might end up. It seems like most places would already be booked, but I'll find out within the next 8 days and let ya know.

Here's the kind of thing you might miss if you don't get on this list:

Lou Reed - Live @ theLEVI'S®/FADER FORT video via YouTube

Speaking of Mythical SXSW '09 parties, I want to get into the damn Rock the Rabbit party. It's one of those parties that has a great line-up, or at least some great bands, every year and it's "Invite Only". So I'm stalking RTR on Twitter...and trying to friend their Music editor on Facebook and Twitter. There's also a contest up re: this party over at Austinist but you shouldn't enter cause I want to win.

So much free booze...

Rock the Rabbit - C3 & Rock the Rabbit SXSW Part '08

Also, Spin usually has a kick ass party at Stubb's that is really tough to get into. I guess I should just be satisfied with the bajillionz of other options that are totally open and free and such but come on. You know you want to go more just because it's harder to get in. That's the key to throwing a good party right?

This isn't from the Spin party. It's actually just on the street, they had like a trailer set up.

Dr. Dog - California @ SXSW '08 video via YouTube