Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

Keep the faith and all of that dear reader for you too may score an invite to a mythical SXSW party just as I did!! That's right my pretties yours truly scored that coveted invite that I was whining about yesterday. I will be the gay dude at the Playboy party sipping Cosmos with beautiful bunnies listening to...well that part I don't really know yet. The rumor mill seems to be gesturing towards a Jane's Addiction reunion, but there are always at least 3 killer artists at the Rock the Rabbit party. I know Devo is going to be at SXSW this year, as well as P.J. Harvey but I'm thinking it's going to be someone a little dancier than the Harv. This might help you in the keeping the faith area:

The Boy Least Likely To - Faith video via YouTube

Find vids from previous artists after the jump, I'm going to bask in the afterglow for a few days :-)...

Justice - A Fifth of Beethoven (sort of) video via YouTube

Ah the chaos of a great party:

Moby - Porcelain video via YouTube

Ghostland Observatory - Piano Man video via YouTube

MGMT - The Handshake video via YouTube

Here's my future friend at last year's Playboy party getting interviewed by my future co-worker at the New York Times.

Elijah Wood - Thinking About AustinBloggyLimits video via YouTube