Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Age/Abe Vigoda

Noise is back y'all! That's right people tonight is the night to drag your drunk ass to Emo's Inside to check out some L.A. noise-punk. No Age, Abe Vigoda, and Infinite Body are live and direct from the I-10. Bring your open mind, and your earplugs 'cause Emo's Inside is always dangerous to your delicate auditory senses, but tonight they are doing a showcase of what the kids in L.A. are listening to. More specifically the kids who frequent tiny, all-ages, L.A. club, the Smell. This club has churned out so many buzzy bands this year that some journalists are using the term "Smell Sound". How awesome is that?

No the "smell sound" is not some really bad acid trip, at least not exclusively, it refers to artists like Mika Miko, HEALTH, Abe Vigoda, and No Age who all play the Smell. This whole movement has even been featured on that old stalwart of cool, MTV, marking the official death of the whole scene and sound. Just kidding John Norris, you're still relevant and young-looking :-)

I caught No Age at SXSW, you may have noticed the pictures in my little slide show over there ------------------------------------->. To be honest, the music is really not my style so I haven't even listened to Nouns but I will tell you that seeing them live was awesome. Same goes for HEALTH, they put all their energy out to the crowd, as they thrash and jump and drink and scream. In other words this is going to be a bad ass show to catch at Emo's Jr, expect lots of sweating, lots of screaming, maybe some "moshing" or whatever they call it now. In other words a really fun, loud, visceral, rock 'n roll experience. Tickets for tonight's show are only $8, and Sparks is only $3.50 once you're inside. Emo's is all-ages so bring your under-age girlfriend we won't tell.

No Age - Eraser (Repost)

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I should also mention that just because I haven 't listened to Nouns yet doesn't mean I won't gush about it later. It has been on a lot of lists already this year and you can expect it to make a lot of year-end lists as well. Also, I am a huge fan of Radiohead and Jonny was spotted wearing a No Age T on one of Radiohead's webcasts.

No Age - Eraser video via YouTube.

Abe Vigoda - All Night and Day video via YouTube