Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Show A Day

Maybe it's just me but I feel like June really zipped by quickly this year. I was looking at my calendar yesterday, when I realized we only have a week left of June '08! Big deal, so then I was over at Show List Austin and I realized you could see something cool every night for a week, and not just a Judeo-Christian week, but a Beatle 8-day week.
I suppose that's the whole reason to live here right? So anyway, this is what I would see if I went out every night for a week:

  • Tonight Jun. 25th: Go to Emo's see THE BREAD, Spitting Bullets, Van Buren Boys
  • Tomorrow Jun. 26th: It's your call, go back to Emo's and catch {{{Sunset}}}, or go to the Mohawk and see Peel, Frightened Rabbit, and Oxford Collapse. Or do both, cause the Mohawk show is early and free!
  • Friday Jun. 27th: The Fuck Yeah Tour hits the Mohawk with Matt & Kim, Deathset...many others. Oh No! Oh My! and 3 others @ Emo's Lounge. Bird Peterson @ the Beauty Bar. Magnetic Fields tribute night?!?! @ Trophy's.
  • Saturday Jun. 28th: Shapes Have Fangs @ Beerland. What Made Milwaukee Famous, Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears @ Keep Austin Weird Fest, on Auditorium Shores. Noise Revival Orchestra @ Lambert's. Alejandro (What's with all the hype this week) Escovedo @ the Continental Club & Auditorium Shores.
  • Sunday Jun. 29th: Admittedly Sunday and Monday are going to be more roll of the dice experiences. On these nights I made my choices based on very little knowledge of the artists. That being said, I would check out Beerland to see what the hell "Atomic Honky Tonk Nite" means, then I would either take a bus up to Hole in the Wall for Funkatron, Hollywood Gossip, Widsom Teeth and Ideal Soul Mart. Or, I'd stay downtown and see Lymbyc Systym and Her Space Holiday at the Mohawk.
  • Monday Jun. 30th: I choose metal/hardcore/whatever-core at Red 7 OR London After Midnight @ Elysium.
  • Tuesday July 1st: We're back to exciting shows again. No Age, Abe Vigoda @ Emo's <----That's going to be a good one. It stands alone.
  • Wednesday July 2nd: We're at the end of our Christian week. Austin Bloggy Limits favorites, Fleet Foxes @ the Mohawk!!
  • Thursday July 3rd: We end our Beatles week with a Dj set by Andy Rourke of the Smiths @ Emo's Lounge? That's a bit anti-climactic. No way, I wouldn't do that to you. We're walking one door down to catch {{{Sunset}}} again @ Emo's Inside, because we really love {{{Sunset}}} even if we always have to search for the { } keys. Unless Morrissey shows up to see Andy Rourke, then we're totally bailing on {{{Sunset}}} sorry.
So I only put linkage to my highlights. Here's a song or two from some of the brightest highlighter colors on my list:

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal (Re-post)
No Age - Eraser