Saturday, June 28, 2008

Modern Guilt

Leave it to Beck to come up with an album title as brilliant as Modern Guilt. All I've heard from this record is the first single, Chemtrails. The full album Modern Guilt sees its official release on July 08, '08 and from what I can tell, so far, the internet-leakage hasn't really been an issue. Actually I'd say so far there is very little internet buzz for a new Beck record period.

Chemtrails is a great track, it has a timeless quality that references late 60's psychedelic music. Modern Guilt is another Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton production, this is the same guy that brought you Gnarls Barkley, the latest Black Keys records...his production credits are numerous and impressive. The idea of Beck and Danger mouse in the studio together seems like an exciting, yet logical, step in both their careers. They are both wacky, sampling fools, whose styles could both be called pastiche.

Beck - Chemtrails
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Beck has all sorts of clever little promotions for Modern Guilt you can text "BECK" to 40411 and find out where you can listen to a preview of the new album...hint you might want to check a TouchTunes Jukebox near you. Those are those clever, Bose jukeboxes that have touch screens, hence the name...TouchTunes.

This clever promo has an Amazon tie-in they have the "exclusive" promo video for Modern Guilt but I also found the video on YouTube so there goes that one...but I won't embed it 'cause once amazon figures out it's there it's gone.

There's also a "video" for Chemtrails, but it's just a still shot with the new song laid over it. Which is cool if you haven't heard it.

Here's an official Beck video or two, but if you're bored you should check out all of the official Beck videos on the Universal Music Group YouTube channel.

Well forget the official part...UMG doesn't allow embedding, so we're keeping it underground, blog-stylee:

Beck - Nausea, fan video via YouTube.

Beck - Gamma Ray, video via YouTube.

Here's a Chemtrail video that's a little different, but still relevant:

Alex Jones/InfoWars video about one of the many ways, in which we are doomed via YouTube.