Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tennis Return to Austin Tonight

Contemporary pop culture is a fickle bitch. A band might release a record with lots of acclaim and buzz but the follow-up goes completely unnoticed for no reason other than short attention spans. In 2012 Tennis released a highly acclaimed album that made lots of year-end lists and was generally lauded with critical acclaim. Last year they released a follow-up EP that barely made a blip on the indie radar. I say all of this to remind you that Tennis is still a great indie-pop band that is still making beautiful, twee music for you to nod along to. You can listen to their latest EP, Small Sound now on Spotify. You can also pick it up today at Waterloo Records where Tennis will be performing for free. If you're into that idea you should probably leave the house now because they're going to start at 5pm CST.

Tennis - Mean Streets video via YouTube

If you need a bit more notice, you can also catch a full set from Tennis at the Parish this evening. Unfortunately, as of the writing of this sentence tonight's show is sold-out. When I started writing this post the show wasn't sold-out so I guess now this post only serves as a reminder that Tennis is still a band. If you don't have tickets to tonight's show your only hope of seeing them is to head to Waterloo within the next 45 minutes. Good luck!