Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maria Taylor at the Mohawk

Maria Taylor will play the Mohawk's inside stage tomorrow night and you should go. Tickets are only $12 and there's not a lot of space in that room so chances are this event will sell-out before tomorrow evening. Even if this post is your first time ever seeing the name Maria Taylor, chances are you're going to enjoy her set tomorrow night. Her most recent album, is out now via Saddle Creek Records. That in and of itself should tell you that this event is worth $12. It's not often you get to see a Saddle Creek artist in a space as intimate as the Mohawk's inside stage.

Maria Taylor - Up All Night video via YouTube

I know that the inside stage at the Mohawk has its detractors but most of those problems are because people don't know how to properly fill that space. The same thing happens on the bus, people don't move all the way into the space so then the entryway gets jammed up and it makes it seem as though the space is full when it's not. It's a pain the ass but I always push my way through the crowd toward the far wall and there is always space. Don't get caught in the bottlenecked doorway, it's a trick. However, I'd prefer you not take my favorite spot to stand and as always keep the talking to a minimum in the performance space. Thank you for considering your fellow patron.

Arrive early and you'll catch PJ Bond. He's just a guy from New Jersey making some honest music. From what I can tell his set will consist of him and one other fellow, he seems handsome and if his Facebook page is any indication you might be able to convince him to stay with you after the show. Just don't make it sound as creepy as I just did.

PJ Bond - I'm in a Bad Way video via YouTube