Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Totally NOT ACL Fest: Part 2

So I'm working my day job (only job) the other day, when one of my co-workers asks me, "What's there to do this week that has nothing to do with ACL?" Well, it's Austin so we're never shy of music options. Here are some things that jumped out to me in this week's show calendar.

My top highlight this week, without a doubt, is Braids at the Mohawk Saturday night. I am in love with Braids' new record, their old record and the record from Braids-adjacent band Blue Hawaii. I won't accuse Braids' music of being readily-accessible and I know that their sound isn't for everyone, which is why I encourage you to not go to this show if you're not interested in actually listening to the music. I, your fellow patrons, and your ancestors all thank you for your consideration.

Braids - Amends video via YouTube




Wild Child - Crazy Bird video via YouTube



Lest we forget in all of this hullabaloo, FunFunFun Fest is just around the corner. A month away to be a bit more precise. If you don't have tickets yet, then you need to get yourself to the nearest record shop and buy a ticket at the counter. Throughout the month of October, if you buy a ticket to FFFFest at a local record shop, the fest will buy you a fest artist's record. Yes, you read that correctly. Buy a ticket, get a free record. It's like that now. I'm pretty sure this is true in other major Texas cities but that's y'all's business.

Also, even though it is ACL Festival-related I wanted to give one more plug for Savages at the Parish Friday night.