Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interview: FIDLAR

I sat down with FIDLAR last Friday night at Side Bar. They were here in Austin to perform at ACL Festival, which they'll do again this weekend. If you want to catch them at the festival this weekend there are still tickets available.

FIDLAR - Cocaine video via YouTube

My name is Zak, I'm representing AustinBloggyLimits, would you please name yourselves and tell who you are?
Zac, Elvis, Brandon and Max, together we form the mega-robot that is FIDLAR

So I assumed the name was an acronym, I found it out, "fuck it dog, life's a risk", was that the name straight off? did you have any other name?
B: We we're actually called fuck the clock, that was just a name when we started recording in studios, we didn't actually have a name until we played our first show, and then we said, fuck the clock or FIDLAR, and FIDLAR just sounded better.

So you guys are blowing up right now, you've been critically lauded for your debut L.P., how does that feel?
M: It's great. We work really hard, so it's great to see a payoff. We've been touring pretty much this whole year, so, it's good to see it grow. B: It's nice to have that positive response. We worked really hard on a record and now we play shows and that's all we do. It's nice to have that reinforcement. If it wasn't there, we wouldn't really care,but it's nice to have that there. M: It's a benefit.

What's the best way for fans to support bands that are just getting their names out there?
M: Come to the shows and buy merch. You can give yourself a tattoo, I'm not doing it. Yea, that's the best way to directly support us, or any band.

Ok, so now, moving along, Mexican or Thai? Food/men/women, whatever your preference... GO!
All: Mexican food. M: And then Thai lady boys

Best or worst show experience?
B: Probably the worst set we ever played was this place on the sunset strip, that any band that knows L.A. knows you don't play, it was called The Cat Club that bands just get suckered into playing, and there was no one there besides our three friends... M: And my parents. B: And a lady in a wheelchair. And during our set she just rolled out. M: She just rolled out the door. It was very soul crushing.