Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Week is Here: Part the Third

You didn't think I'd leave you hanging on what to do Saturday did you? Alright, I'll be honest I considered it. I changed my mind though, geez get over it already. I like the way Part the Third looked so I'm going to do a similar thing here. Rather than recommend one show or one band, I'm just going to highlight some artists and tell you when (roughly) and where (actually) they'll be performing. In my opinion Saturday isn't AS jammed with bad-ass can't miss acts but it's certainly a solid evening of music nonetheless. Listen to this jam and then find my highlights after the break.

Mirror Travel (Formerly Follow That Bird!) - The Ghosts That Wake You video via YouTube

Starting around 8:30ish - 9:30ish:

Starting around 9:30ish - 10:30ish:

Starting around 10:30ish - 11:30ish

Starting around Midnight or later-ish:

So, there you have it. My Saturday Free Week highlights. If you're in a band playing Free Week (or anytime really) and you're reading this. SAY YOUR BANDS NAME SEVERAL TIMES DURING YOUR PERFORMANCE!!! Most people don't know who you are, they are just wandering in to free shows and wandering out at random points. Make an effort to say, your bands name and if you have purchase-able things available at least THREE times during your set. It would really help all of us.