Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Week is Here: Part the Second

As previously discussed, Free Week is in full swing and in 2013 a week is actually 12 days! As one might expect, since tonight is a weekend evening it's heavily stacked with great acts spread throughout downtown and downtown-annex-zones (E. Riverside, E. 6th). My top choice for tonight is the Modern Outsider showcase, which features the best of what the local label/management team has to offer right now. The evening with kick-off with The Soft Swells, followed by My Jerusalem, The Black and White Years, The Calm Blue Sea with a headlining set from Ume. In other words, it's a sold line-up from start to finish and since it's at Emo's there is free on-site parking and the line for a drink will move swiftly.

Ume - Run Wild video via YouTube

There are so many great bands playing tonight that outside of the Modern Outsider showcase, I'm going to recommend you jump around. I know that's sort of a pain in the ass but think of it is a mini-SXSW for locals-only and suck it up. So, rather than highlight a specific event, I'm going to give you time guestimates and locales. I don't have specific set-time information I'm just giving you ballpark numbers based on experience. So, here we go:

Starting around 9ish - 10ish:

FEATHERS - Land of the Innocent video via YouTube

Starting around 10:30ish - 11ish:

Mixed Use Media - Trap video via YouTube

Starting around 11:00 - 11:30ish:

Orthy - Sueños video via YouTube

Starting around Midnight or later:

Boyfrndz - TV video via YouTube

So there are my suggestions for this evening. Shit get's a little crazy around midnight if you want to hop around. I'm most likely just going to stick to Emo's myself but I know people like options.